Graso creates and runs palletizing and packaging processes based on Kawasaki robots.

Why is it worth it?

Packing and palletizing (or depalletizing) are tasks that burden employees a lot. Therefore, it is often the efficiency of the end of the production line that determines the production capacity of the entire plant. The solution is to robotic palletizing and packaging, which guarantees appropriate efficiency of packing and shipping products, regardless of the staffing situation. This solution therefore opens up the possibility to produce more and faster while reducing waste.

Robot przemyslowy MX700N

Examples of industrial robots


Before implementation After deployment
Current status Operational benefits Economic benefits
  • manual palletization – high cost, heavy workload
    employees, variable efficiency, large losses in packing
  • mixing different types of products within one pallet –
    time consuming and costly
  • better condition of the company thanks to higher production efficiency
  • optimal use of the park, machinery
  • increase of employee safety
  • faster order fulfillment
  • more precise definition of the date of order execution
  • faster response to product changes
  • excellent service
  • increased efficiency and repeatability, palletizing
  • reduction of palletizing costs
  • reduction of losses due to damage during palletizing and packing
  • increase in production efficiency by reducing costs (increase in OEE value)
  • building the company’s image as an innovative and reliable business partner

Any questions?

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