Pallet wrapping machine JC 1

Additional options:

  • package clamping
  • machine adaptation to customer requirements
  • different color according to the RAL color palette

Pallet wrapping machine

JC 1 wrapping machine is designed for producers, who have problems with protecting their goods. Long products, such as curtain rods, sidings or wooden and metal products can be wrapped and protected with stretch film in dozen or so seconds, forming compact package for transport in any distance.

Packed elements are placed on table. Then START button on control panel is pressed and formed package is carried into the range of wrapping machine rotating ring, so the front part of package could move on wrapping machine driven table between side guide rolls.

Clamping unit in the upstream of wrapping machine rotating ring is lowered and it presses package to drive rolls. The wrapping machine wraps the package spirally with stretch film at the start of packing. The next wrapping occurs at a the end of package. During wrapping, when package covered with film gets between side guide rolls in the upstream of wrapping machine rotating ring, the second clamping unit is lowered and it holds the package. When the wrapping is finished, the wrapping machine automatically cuts the film and the package wrapped with film enters collection roller table, where it is collected by personnel.

JC 1 is equipped with mechanism for automatic hooking and cutting of the film, with electrically driven rotating ring with slow start and braking as well as infinite adjustment of rotations, with infinite adjustment of speed for feeding conveyor rolls, with system including side rolls for stabilization of package during wrapping /manual adjustment of each roll/, with adjustment of package wrapping density and film tension.



Technical specification:
Power supply: 3×400 / 230V, f50Hz
Installed power: ~ 1.5 kW
Working power: ~ 1.1 kW
Total weight: ~ 750 kg
Film thickness 17 – 23 μm
Foil width: max 125 mm
Diameter of foil rolls: max. 200 mm
Capacity: up to 6 m / min *
* depends on the type of product and the foil used

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