Automatic packing machine PAT 010

Automatic packing machine PAT 010

Automatic packing machine

The PAT010 automatic tray forming machine automatically:

  • forms individual packaging such as cans, bottles or cartons in a package,
  • glues a tray with a low rim,
  • places the formed package on a tray.

A plate conveyor passes packaging to the area where a package is formed. The conveyor has adjustable slides whose spacing may be adjusted depending on the size of packaging to be conveyed.

When the area where a package is formed is filled with packaging, the package is separated from other packaging and pushed on a tray taken from a tray warehouse. When packed elements are placed on the tray the package is moved and the tray rims are closed and glued. Ready package on the tray leaves the tray forming machine and then it can be wrapped in film on a device cooperating with the tray forming machine.

Operating parameters of the tray forming machine are set on a control panel on the device.




Technical specification:
Power supply: 3×400 / 230V, f50Hz
Installed power ~ 5.2kW
Compressed air: min. 0.6 MPa
Power cord fi 12/10
Packaged products: cans, cardboard boxes, bottles, bags
Performance: depends on the dimensions packed
Speed of infeed conveyor: adjustable

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