Bag Palletizer PWO-1000

Paletyzator workow PWO


Basic technical parameters
Number of pallets in the magazine 16 items
Lift capacity 1200 kg.
Maximum bag weight 55 kg.
Performance 850 bags / h
Installed power 27kW
Supply voltage 3x400V; 50Hz
Air Supply 6-10bar
Air consumption ok. 200Nl / min

Additional information

Palletizer is an essential part of the palletizing system, the configuration of which depends on the specific needs and production and technological conditions of the customer. Palletizing is one of the last elements in the product packaging cycle.

Our offer includes an automatic system for stacking bags on pallets. The optimal adaptation of the solutions of many mechanisms of the device enables the capacity of up to 850 bags per hour.

It can be additionally equipped with a feeder for empty pallets and a magazine for dividers, depending on the needs. The scope of our activity includes consulting, design, execution and customer service. Thanks to the experience and the use of design with the use of modern three-dimensional techniques, we are able to efficiently apply our system to your needs.

Any questions?

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