Heat Shrink Tunnel – TGW 30-130

Tunel Grzewczy Nadmuchowy - TGW

Heat Shrink Tunnel

The TGW 30/130 heat shrink tunnel is a high-performance forced air device designed to wrap various elements such as furniture elements, like doors, furniture fronts, etc. in shrink film.

Products come from a cooperating device, for example, the PA 035P or PA 035L automatic packing machine to the heating tunnel conveyor ladders that carry them through a heating chamber. In the heating chamber under high temperature film shrinks and takes the final form. Proper air circulation inside the chamber is provided by air mix fans. After leaving the heating chamber the package is cooled by fans. Ready package is taken away from a roller outfeed table. Operating parameters (conveyor belt speed control, temperature control) are set on a control box.

The heat shrink tunnel is equipped with heaters with radiators, air blow adjustment by means of movable dampers and a ladder conveyor. The ladders are coated with Teflon resistant to high temperatures.

The heat shrink tunnel can operate as a stand-alone unit, as well as in the process line.

We tailor dimensions of the heating chamber to customer needs.



Technical specification:
Power supply: 3×400 / 230V, f50Hz
Installed power: ~ 41 kW
Operating power: ~ 20 kW
Total weight: ~ 700 kg
Foil width: max 2100 mm
Length of the receiving table: adjusted to the length of the package
Speed: up to 14 m / min *
* depends on the type of product and the foil used

Additional information

  • the tunnel can work as an independent device, as well as in a technological line

  • the dimensions of the heating chamber are adjusted to the customer’s needs

  • different color according to the RAL color palette

Any questions?

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