GRASO has been specializing in the production of LDPE film for 30 years.

Our film selection system for each client assumes individual adjustment of the chemical composition tailored to the specificity of the packed product and the packaging machine. Due to the variety of available lines, the heat-shrinkable film offered to our customers is tailored to the individual needs of its dimensions, strength, shrinkage and transparency. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and the most modern raw materials, we guarantee constant quality of the delivered films and the possibility of using thinner films with increased strength parameters.

Shrink wrap is made of low density polyethylene which is supplied in the form of pellets. The raw material goes to dispensers and through a vacuum system is fed to individual extruders of the production line.

The granulate is heated to the temperature of ~ 200˚C and as a result, it changes its form into a plastic mass, which is forced into the head. Then, the hot, polyethylene material is pressed outside the machine through the so-called the mouthpiece and blowing method is transported upwards. At the exit from the mouthpiece, the foil has a thickness of 1.2 mm, while after blowing it can reach a thickness of up to 0.01 mm (one hundredth of a millimeter), which is thinner than a human hair. When transported upwards, it takes the form of a balloon filled with icy air at a temperature of ~ 8˚C. The foil is lifted up to 18 meters in order to cool it down. During the blow to the form of a balloon, the material acquires the width and thickness of the final product. Cooling with ice air gives the films heat-shrinkable properties.

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