Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine FR 8

Pallet Wrapping Machine

The FR 8 pallet wrapping machine is a device operating in an automatic cycle and designed to work in a technological line. The wrapping machine is designed for wrapping various types of loads placed on a pallet with stretch film. The stretch film protects the pallet with the load against unfavorable weather conditions, damage and dirt, and also allows for easy visual inspection of the load. Foil wrapping takes place from a roll placed on a foil reel trolley, which automatically moves along the rotating arm.

The wrapping machine is equipped with a two-engine film stretching system. The value of the stretch of the film set on the control panel in the range from 0% to 400% and the value of the film tension between the trolley and the load from 0% to 100%, allows us to precisely control stretching and stretching of the film, ensuring repeatability and high quality of packaging, which directly translates into lower costs due to the saving of foil.

The pallet wrapper must be connected to the conveyor system. Minimum: a 3000 mm long conveyor placed under the FR 8 wrapper, a 1500 mm long conveyor in front of the wrapper and two 1500 mm long conveyors behind the wrapper, the last of which acts as a receiving conveyor

The wrapping machine is always adjusted to the individual needs of the customer.


General characteristics:
  • four-pillar load-bearing structure,
  • arm rotating around the pallet with slow acceleration, braking and smooth speed control,
  • automatic arm positioning system,
  • automatic wrapping height adjustment,
  • possibility to set 8 work programs,
  • trolley for unwinding foil from the so-called two-motor foil prestretching / set on the control panel, the value of the stretch of the foil in the range of 0-400% and the value of the tension of the foil between the trolley and the load in the range of 0-100% /,
  • automatic film catching and cutting,
  • the wrapping machine can work without wrapping – as a conveyor,
  • acoustic and light signal of wrapper status,
  • programmable number of wraps at the bottom and top of the pallet,
  • a set of mesh screens 2300 mm high with safety barriers at the entrance and exit of the pallets to the danger zone (mesh covers).
Possible additional options:
  • pressure stabilizing the load,
  • other pallet dimensions
  • lifting pallets during wrapping (enables complete wrapping of the pallet with load)
  • system for covering the load with foil (ZAF foil sheet folding machine),
  • stainless version,
  • operation in temperatures from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C,
  • system for welding the end of the foil to the pallet,
  • different color of the wrapping machine according to the RAL color palette




Technical specification:
Productivity: up to 60 pallets / hour
Arm rotation speed: up to 30 rpm
Transporter height: min 300 mm
Power supply: 3×400 / 230V, f50Hz
Film thickness: 0.015 ÷ 0.03 mm
Foil width: 500 mm
Max diameter of foil roll: 240 mm
Max sleeve length: 520 mm

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