Automatic packing machine PA 035L

Pakowarka automatyczna PA 035L

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  • the machine tailored to customer needs

  • a different colour according to the RAL colour palette

Automatic packing machine

The PA 035L automatic packing machine is a device designed to pack tight large elements such as doors, windows or furniture elements in shrink film.

Elements to be packed are placed by hand (or come on the line) on an infeed conveyor which while conveying them behind a transverse sealing bar wraps them in film unwound from two rolls by upper and bottom film unwinding mechanisms. A longitudinal sealing bar seals and cuts the film along the length of the package. The package comes on a belt conveyor to the area where the transverse sealing bar operates and is arranged centrally with respect to the sealing bar. The film is sealed along the top of the element (right side of the film). Then, the belt conveyor is lowered, the package is put on rolls which are activated and the package in the film comes so that the other end is in the area where the transverse sealing bar operates. The package is closed from the bottom (left side of the film). The package wrapped in the film moves on the rolls towards a heat shrink tunnel, for example, TGW 30/130.

The packing machine is equipped with a system of automatic unwinding of film from an upper and bottom roll, a longitudinal sealing bar and a transverse sealing bar, speed control of a conveyor belt and of a roll conveyor and speed control of a belt conveyor.




Technical specification:
Power supply: 3×400 / 230V, f50Hz
Installed power: ~ 6 kW
Operating power: ~ 3.5 kW
Total weight: ~ 750 kg
Air consumption: up to 18 m3 / h
Film thickness: 50 – 80 μm
Capacity: up to 120 pcs / h *
* depends on the thickness and type of PE foil

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