Automatic packing machine PA 075

Pakowarka automatyczna PA 075

Additional options:

  • stainless version

  • the machine tailored to customer needs

  • a different colour according to the RAL colour palette

Automatic packing machine

The automatic packing machine PA 075 is a packing machine designed for packing single products, such as: sugar, flour, cardboard boxes, etc. into collective packages, in shrink foil.

The bags get onto the packer’s arc feeding conveyor, moving along the shorter side. After filling the action zone of the pusher I with bags, the bags are pushed in to enable the arrival of the next ones. The next filling of the pusher zone will activate it and push two rows of bags onto the vertical table of the “elevator”. The table goes up, and after reaching the upper position, the pusher II pushes the package package behind the sealer. When moving the package, the foil is fed by the unwinding mechanisms: upper and lower. When the welder seals the foil, the package is held by a pneumatic pressure. During the welding process, another package is formed, which later pushes the earlier package onto the heating tunnel belt.

The automatic packing machine PA 075 works with a heating tunnel, eg TGW 40/50 in which the foil shrinks under the influence of high temperature, giving it its final form.



Technical specification:
Power supply: 3×400 / 230V, f50Hz
Installed power ~ 2.2kW
Operating power: ~ 1.2kW
Total weight: ~ 380 kg
Working level: 900/1100 / mm
Working length of the weld: 620mm
Film thickness: 40 – 80 μm
Foil width: 600mm
Capacity: up to 12 cycles / min. *
Compressed air: min. 0.6 MPa

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