Stretch Film

Stretch film is one of the most common packaging materials in the world.

It is used to secure the most goods on pallets. Due to its excellent stretchability of up-to 300% and high point load index the stretch film offers stability of load during transportation and ensures cleanliness and easy identification of the goods. All these features determine the usefulness and reliability of stretch film.

We offer transparent, black and blue stretch films.

Manual stretch film

It is used to wrap loads on a pallet by hand, and at the same time to protect specific goods against not only physical damage, but also against damage caused by weather conditions.

We are able to produce manual stretch foil in rolls from 1 kg to 4 kg net of foil and in a grammage from 13 to 30 microns. Manual stretch film is wound on sleeves with an internal diameter of 50mm.

Machine stretch film

High-quality multilayer film for wrapping pallets with semi-automatic or automatic wrappers, which we also have in our offer. Depending on the customer’s needs, we are able to produce a machine stretch film in a grammage from 13 to 30 microns and in 4 stretch standards, namely:

  • STANDARD up to 150%,
  • STANDARD PLUS up to 200%,
  • POWER up to 250%,
  • SUPER POWER up to 300%.

The foil is wound on sleeves with an internal diameter of 76 mm and a weight of about 17.5 kg.

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