Hot Perforated Shrink Film

In order to improve the quality of our film, Graso has introduced the films with micro-perforation. Hot perforated film enables easy opening master packages of e.g. jars, cans or bottles, etc. The use of such packaging system improves also ventilation and reduces the humidity inside the package. Hot perforation ensures fixed hole diameter after shrinking the package in the heating tunnel. Perforated film is also used for packaging of bread, plants in pots, and vegetables.

Folia termokurczliwa perforowana na gorąco

Additional information

We may produced hot perforated OPP, CAST PP, LDPE and HDPE films

In the entire width of the strip or slit into narrower coils, subject to the Customer’s needs. It is also possible to adjust the hole diameter. Technical parameters:

  • diameter of coil upon perforation-max. 450 mm;
  • diameter of master strip reel – 76mm;
  • diameter of strip reel upon perforation – 76mm;
  • range of film thickness-from 20 µm to 100 µm;
  • hole diameter – from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm;
  • hole density – 4/100mm2;
  • hole arrangement – in rows and columns;
  • width of slit strip upon perforation (S)-S = n x 50 mm-5 mm, where n = 1, 2, 3, …, 19;
  • width of non-perforated margin -min. 10 mm.

We also offer services of film recoiling and slitting to smaller widths and diameters.

Technical parameters:

  • width of master coil – max 1000 mm;
  • diameter of master coil – max 800 mm;
  • width of slit coils – 25 mm to 1000 mm;
  • diameter of slit coils – max. 450 mm;
  • diameter of master strip reel – 76mm;
  • diameter of slit strip reel – 76mm;
  • slitting accuracy – +/-1mm;
  • number of slit strips – max. 12;
  • strip thickness range – from 8 to 150 µm

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