Air Heaters

NPA air heaters are designed to produce hot process air and are mainly used in grain or herb dryers. They are also used to heat large storage facilities, plastic tunnels, greenhouses, etc.

The machines are adapted to work with grain dryers, like, for example, Araj, Riela, Drzewicz, etc. They may be used wherever it is possible to use renewable fuels, often inutilely lost.

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Air heater – short characteristics

The NPA air heaters use a counter-current biomass combustion system with regulated and properly distributed air blowing, which allows for better parameters of the combustion process. This process takes place as follows: a fan that blows air into the furnace chamber, controlled by a microprocessor controller, sucks in air and delivers it to the furnace chamber where the charge is burnt.

The heat generated as a result of combustion is transferred to the air supplied by the blowing fan. The heated air can then be transferred to the receiver via the duct system. The air is heated in the exchangers directly from the heat generated during the burning of straw (without the use of an intermediary medium, e.g. oil or water). This design allows for greater efficiency of the devices and higher air temperatures. In order to obtain the optimal composition of exhaust gases, it is advisable to use seasoned straw with a moisture content of up to 15%.

NPA type air heaters are not subject to Technical Inspection and registration at the Technical Inspection Inspectorate.

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