Straw boilers / Straw stoves

Straw boilers are a good solution for medium and small enterprises, small housing estates, single-family houses, schools, kindergartens, and most of all – farms with farm buildings (boiler for drying rooms, greenhouses, etc.) .

In Poland, every year after the cereal harvest, about 25-30 million tonnes of straw remain, of which 10 million tonnes is not applicable. Meanwhile, straw is biomass – an ecological, alternative source of energy used for energy purposes. During straw combustion, the emission of gases to the atmosphere is minimal, and the carbon dioxide balance – zero. After burning the straw, ash remains, containing phosphorus, potassium and calcium compounds, so it can be used as fertilizer.

Low costs of burning with straw up to 100kW – half the cost of burning with coal. The larger the straw-fired boiler – the greater the difference in costs, in favor of straw-fired. If the straw comes from your own farm, the cost is only to harvest the straw from the field.

Thanks to modern design and technological solutions, straw stoves achieve combustion of 80-90%.

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Technical informations

Schemat kotła na słomę
Rated power * kW 500 1000 2000
Burner outlet temperature 0C ~ 1500 ~ 1500 ~ 1500
Fuel load 2 ballots fi 180×120 3 ballots fi 180×120 4ballots fi 180×120
Straw moisture % 15
Mass of one batch kg ~ 500-600 ~ 800-900 ~ 1100-1200
Weight of the assembly with ceramics (gross) kg ~ 7000 ~ 9000 ~ 11000
Exhaust sequence required Pa ~ 55 ~ 95
Thermal efficiency % 75-80
Installed power kW 5.5 11
Length of the pre-furnace mm-A 3600 4600 6150
The width of the pre-furnace mm-B 2400 2400 2400
Pre-furnace height mm-H 2450 2450 2450


The GRASO company offers straw-fired pre-furnaces, mainly for steam boilers. The design of the pre-furnace was based on our many years of experience gained during the production of straw-fired boilers and heaters. We are able to adjust the product to individual customer needs. The fuel is straw in the form of bales # 120 x 120cm, # 150 x 120cm, # 180 x 120cm or large cubes 80cm x 130cm x 250cm.

The use of a pre-furnace allows to achieve high economic benefits in a short period of time.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.

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If you are interested in the offer, please contact us. We will answer any questions you may have.

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