Heating unit

Pea coal, fine coal, brown coal pea, pellets, wood chips, mixtures of peas with sawdust etc.

ZGP heating unit are used to generate warm technological air and are mainly used in grain and herb grain dryers. They are also used to heat large storage rooms, foil tunnels, greenhouses, etc.

The devices are adapted to work with grain dryers: Araj, Riela, Drzewicz etc. It can be used wherever there is a possibility of using renewable fuels, often wasted uselessly.

Brief characteristics of the device

The ZGP uses a drawer feeder, the task of the feeder is to automatically supply the device with fuel and its combustion in the furnace, with regulated and properly distributed air blowing, allowing for better parameters of the combustion process. The feeder works by making reciprocating movements through the piston and feeding fuel to the furnace. Moving the drawer in one direction uncovers the opening and charging fuel to its edge, while moving in the opposite direction takes a portion of fuel and moves it towards the furnace onto the grate. The frequency of the movements and the supply of fuel at the same time is realized by the time of the fuel feeding cycle and the pause time between the cycles controlled by the automation.

The heat generated as a result of combustion is transferred to the air supplied by the blowing fan. The heated air can then be transferred to the receiver via the duct system.

The air is heated in the exchangers directly from the heat generated during combustion (without the use of an intermediary medium, e.g. oil or water). This design allows for greater equipment efficiency and higher air temperatures. In order to obtain the optimal composition of exhaust gases, it is recommended to use the fuels recommended by the manufacturer

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